This week I wrote a step by step guide on How to self deploy a Ghost blog in 3 easy steps — the blogging platform this website is built on top of. I also discuss how you can setup (1) free image hosting, (2) cloudflare CDN and (3) a mailing API for sending out newsletter just like this one.

The reason behind making this guide to help someone stir up their own personal blog as soon as possible if they want to start writing online. From my experience writing on a personal blog gives you that extra push to do more than you normally would and I think everyone can benefit from a platform like Ghost.

If you're interested do check it out and share it with the rest of the community!


Here are this weeks design resources

(1) This web app that will help you with picking colors

Picking new colors can be daunting sometimes when it comes to design, and having this website, which utilizes some ML techniques to understand your preferences and taste, help you out with that is quite resourceful.

(2) When good design isn't enough

This is a 8 years old blog that I still read, when good design isn't enough talks about how understanding your customers and starting with a very small market segment and focusing on providing the best value to them is the key to launching successful software products.

(3) Using User Research to Improve Conversion Rates with Jon MacDonald, Founder of The Good

This podcast talks about the reality of why people use your app or website and how you should approach optimizing the conversion funnel keeping a few interesting facts. Do check it out if you're interested in selling online products or apps.


Here are this weeks iOS programming resources

(1) Building a Multi-platform App with SwiftUI

Write your own HackerNews client for iOS and macOS in a single codebase.

(2) Redux-like architecture with SwiftUI: Side Effects

If you are familier with Redux and it's concepts like one way data flow and immutable reducers, you will find your self right at home with this SwiftUI architecture which incourages Redux-like data flow.

(3) Swiftʼs Collection Types

Collections in Swift can be powerful if used correctly and in context. Harshill did a great job at explaining all the different collection types in Swift and how/where to leverage them.

P.S It has been a month since I started sending out these emails so thank you for sticking by! Also, I hope you'll like the new email format which will help keep things concise and to the point.

Until next week,