It's been two weeks since I started my new job as a product UI/UX designer for a young startup in London. What is funny is that how my priorities have changed since I started. Before I had a job I felt I was very focused on my goals and tasks that I had to do to reach those goals. I had different plans to improve my blog, I had bunch of blog posts that I wanted to write, new things that I wanted to learn in hopes of improving as a professional.

Last two weeks I felt very unproductive in terms of activities I perform as a side hustle, like iOS programming and/or writing for this blog. Which brings me to think about the fact that what ever I was doing prior to finding work was to find work and now that I have found work it seems like things that I cared about so much doesn't matter anymore.

Obviously, I am wrong in thinking that way. I want me to understand I started this blog not to find work but to express myself and share what I learn. Yes, I have less spare time than I previously had but it doesn't mean I should give up on writing for my newsletter or the blog.

From this week, I decided to wake up even earlier than 7 and after making my first breakfast open the curtains of my window and just write what ever comes to my mind. Waking up early and writing is something I enjoy. And finding work shouldn't mean I shall give up on what I enjoy doing!

I really want to write about how I use RoamResearch as a notes taking tool, and there is plenty of UX design related things that I learned in the past two weeks while working for a startup that I can share with the rest of the world. So in the coming week I will look forward to publishing atleast two blog post just to keep my creative juices running outside of work too.

Until then I can share a few interesting bits from the community:

This Week In Noteworthy


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Until next week,