Every Sunday I send out 5 bullet points (super short) of the coolest things I found that week. Which sometimes includes (1) different blog posts, (2) tutorials, (3) latest technologies, (4) gadgets and (5) other stuff that I dig up from around the world.

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Newsletters can be long, awkward & clumsy. You have much more important emails to read that you end up ignoring a newsletter 4/5 times. Keeping this in mind, I have designed this newsletter to be as short and to the point as possible.

5 bullets points of a few things that are worth sharing can take no longer than 2 minutes to skim through and if you like what you read, that's a win win situation.

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I intent to keep this newsletter completely free of charge even as the audience grow because, a) there are ways to do that, but b) and more importantly I beleive in free sharing of knowledge.

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Learning and sharing what you learn with others is the only way forward in this world. My goal is to bring together a community of like minded people to learn together. However, if you're still not convinced than just ask your mum what she thinks about this idea!

I am sure she will love it ;)