Hi, my is Abbas and I am a UX designer with Frontend programming background. Today I will walk you through my goals and skill set and how I can become a great asset for your startup company.

What are my goals...

What I want to do is to utilize my skills and my knowledge that I have gathered through out my career and use it to help a company launch a product and bring it to success.

This is my goal and is what I want to do in the next 2 or 3 years. I want to commit to something important and launch it into a success by solving a core problem for a number of different users.

What are my skills...

And what about my skills?

1. I can design collaboratively in Figma

2. I can work on prototypes and interaction design in Principle

3. I can design the UX using the five steps of the design thinking process

  • Empathize with users
  • Define a problem
  • Ideate on solutions
  • Prototype and test
  • Reiterate

But then, I can also code in the frontend using Javascript (React) or Swift and SwiftUI which gives me the ability to rapidly prototype ideas for the sake of showing the stakeholder and getting engineers/developers on board.

I think my skill set is important to have on a team because I can empathize with both the designers and developers to make the process of creating and integrating ideas seamless and smoother.

I can also talk about the component based development model, and the modularized and declarative programming that has gotten really popular these days, and that the reason behind these technologies getting popular is because the development process is becoming design and user centric.

This is what I can do as a technical person, but I also want to talk about my personality and the philosophy behind my thoughts... or rather

How do I like to think...

For this I think I should explain why I decided to take over more of a designers role rather than focusing only towards the programming (which I did for 3+ years) and the reason behind me adopting UI/UX design was because I realized that you can spend a lot of time optimizing your code and engineering it in the best way possible but at the end of the day if you're not focusing on the end users and not keeping their needs and aptitudes in the center of the development process then you simply cannot build a successful product software company.

And, what I really want to do is to help my team be successful.

This is also the kind of a company culture that I look forward to working with, because at the end of the day a succesful company always keep its focus on the end users and move at a rapid pace.

Me as a person and team member

This is what I can do and how I like to think, but what about me as a person and a team member? One thing I like to do is to write, either on my blog or taking general notes, which gives me the ability to think on a problem set very clearly.

I am maybe not the most charismatic person in the room or someone with great ideas on the go, but what I can do is understand a problem set, take it home, think on it and come up with a clear and concise solution and then present it to my team and get the the stakeholders onboard.

What do I bring to the table?

I think what startups need is to launch their products as soon as possible and reach the audience that they want to serve in the shortest amount of time possible to gather that feedback and work on it to reiterate, improve and be successful. I can only help the team that I work with to streamline this process in the best way possible.