3d assets in mobile design are getting even popular thanks to Apple embracing neumorphic design in their newer MacOS Big Sur. Here are three Figma tools that you can use to play with 3d effects in your UI design and assets.

  1. Roto extrudes and rotates shapes in 3D. It’s the Figma equivalent to the famous Illustrator’s 3D tool. Create fantastic 3D graphics and logos with a few clicks.
  2. Looper is a Figma plugin that performs customizable loop functions with a few clicks. It allows you to create abstract generated graphics and effects. Works with any Vector, Shape or Text layer and definitely makes your process easier.
  3. Vectary 3D plugin for Figma is adding the missing third dimension to your 2D designs. Place your Figma design into a predefined 3D mockup or your custom 3D element. Set your desired perspective in 3D and place the result into the scene with one click.

This weeks read

Juan F. Mene on what he learned about Prototyping at Disney.

What I learned about Prototyping after four years at Disney
In April 2015, I joined the Disney Parks creative team to design mobile experiences for the happiest place on Earth. I learned a lot from a diverse group of humble, creative, and smart people. Here’s…

Assets highlight


Going with iOS native SF Pro fonts for designing iOS apps is always an option. Sometimes what you are looking is under your nose. For example, SF Pro rounded.

Download here https://developer.apple.com/fonts/


This week I really went into the rabbit whole or purple color theme. Combined with a light version of pink this combination can go a long way.

  1. #8D59E4
  2. #212D9C
  3. 323C6F
  4. #FFC0C8

This weeks shot

A prototype is worth a thousand meetings

Community design highlight

Tan Mau's blur series.

Dribbble - Tan Mau's blur series

Interesting findings

To create a glass effect in Figma I drew a layer on top of another layer and give it a background blur while reducing the fill opacity. Glass effect or background blur has always been my favorite background hands down. Read more here.

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