Here is a list of all the newsletters that I subscribe to

  1. All Kpop News
  2. Marco from Memrise
  3. Workshops at GA
  4. It's Muzli time!
  5. The UX Collective Newsletter
  6. Morning Brew
  7. David Perell
  8. Hacker Noon
  9. Product Hunt Daily
  10. Dev Digest
  11. CreativeMornings Global
  12. Substack Blog
  13. Ray Wenderlich Weekly
  14. Codecademy newsletter
  15. SwiftLee newsletter
  16. Kent C. Dodds
  17. Marvel Newsletter
  18. Talk Therapy by Nathan & Ben
  19. Medium Writer
  20. UXPA
  21. Ali Abdaal's newletter
  22. Nabil (nQaze) newsletter
  23. Yeth's Blogletter
  24. Haseeb's Qureshi newsletter
  25. Etc, Etc

I know what you're thinking, All Kpop News? Really?

I used to think email newsletters were just an update on the person's life who sends them. That, is is about what they think or what they did in the past week.

I have always been skeptical about joining any newsletter in the past.

Why the heck should I give my email to an unknown person? I do not like reading emails, let alone from some random dude who wants to ramble on about his dying dog or sick cat, and besides, I really disliked spammers.

But that was me in the past. Recently, I found newsletters provide a value that is hard to find anywhere else. Looking back at all the newsletters I subscribed, there were a few that I have started to look forward to. The ones that are exciting. The ones full of content that I care about. The ones with ideas that change life.

I found, newsletters, instead of being about the person who sends, are more about the person who recieves it.

You basically get exactly what you ask for. Directly in your mailbox. Once or as many times as you like to receive them. Usually completely free. A combination hard to beat anywhere, specially on social media. Yes, there are a few bad apples, like the Kpop News (which I hardly read, or even care about), but then again, one email once a week is hardly noticed. Which makes newsletters such a great platform to receive new content from, because you basically don't have read it if you don't like to or dont want to.

This is the reason (pardon the shameless plug) I started my own newsletter called Noteworthy. I want to send out a newsletter to the world, not to ramble on about my past week, but to provide a value. A valve that is hard to find anywhere else. A value in shape of ideas they can come in handy later on. A value in shape of articles and links to learn from. A value in shape of an archive of resources that anyone can look up to.

I want to share what I know, because we learn by sharing.

That being said, the reason I subscribe to All Kpop News is because I used to be a huge fan. Netizen as they call it. There I said it.

Maybe the charm Kpop had on me is long gone and whatever it was, it is in the past, but I am still not sure why I haven't unsubscribed to a newsletter that I hardly read anymore? This is another topic of discussion. Maybe some other time.

Until then,