Hi there, Glorious reader of this blog post! It's good to have you here.

Now I know you're not super stoked about reading this blog post. You may aswell dislike the fact that I have actually written what I had to write. Not because you're cruel or mean, but because you might have to actually read it.

Reading anything is hard. It takes time and effort and if the post is about something that you don't care about to begin with, reading can be a waste of time.

So imagine if I have written something that moves you, or solve a problem you have, or bring something interesting to your knowledge that you previously didn't know about. In this case, this blog is something you want to read.

Great! but what keeps me awake at night is the fact that what if someone doesn't read what I write because they simply could not?

What if the contrast of my text is not aesthetically pleasing to someone who might benefit from the content of my blog? What if the darker theme isn't welcoming readers who do want to read the stuff I write?

Now if you have read this blog post until now; we're in the golden. If you have any comments on how this blog reads feel free to reach out. I will be waiting.

Until next time,

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