Imagine being able to day dream while staying present in the moment; imagine being sensitive and emotional yet also not caring too much about what other people think; imagine living life as it is offered to you everyday but also being able to plan and contemplate the future; imagine being an outgoing extravert while also truely enjoying your alone time?

If you're a normal person; chances are you struggle with half of personalities traits mentioned above. Why?

Personality traits are like your hands. If you're right handed that doesn't mean you can't use your left hand or that you shouldn't. But it's difficult to do something that you're not comfortable with.

The whole idea of living a happy and fulfilling life is to realise what traits your personality is made of. Everyone has strenghts and weaknesses. The idea is to improvise and improve. Fill the gaps. Seek to experience the complete human spectrum of human emotions and experiences; of ways to deal with everyday life; and only then we can see the real potential that everyone possesses; but more importantly our own potential as individuals.

Side thoughts

"Who decides who you turn out to be?". Was it your choice to make how your brain was wired? Was it your choice who you really are? In anycase, being aware is the answer.

Where it gets funny is when you ask the definition of right and wrong. Who decides what is right? Who decides the definition of "being awesome" when all we look for in others are the personality traits that we share with them.

If someone shares the same personality traits we immediately get them.

Aren't we only trying to see in others who we are and how we see the world? Isn't this because everyone wants to be validated? Isn't this because nobody likes to be incorrect or mistaken?

If you think about it; this is the basis of every human relationship. This is how we make friends. This is why you love or hate someone. This is why you want to change how other people think. Haven't your parents tried to impose something on you that you disagreed with? Chances are they had a different personality than yours; and all they wanted from you was you to be more like them.