I recently started listening to Naval Ravikant podcasts. I agree with some of his principles which resonates with my values that I'd like to capture in this post and/or comment on.

On happiness

Not suffering not desiring not thinking too much about the future or the past and really embracing the current moment and what there is, because to nature there is no happiness or unhappiness, there is no right or wrong, there is no good or bad, nature follows unbroken mathematical laws, and everything is perfect exactly the way it is and it is only in our mind that we are happy or unhappy or things are perfect or imperfect because of what we desire.

As any other of his ideas, I agree and disagree with it at the same time because I see his point of view. However, I'd like to ask him if he could have gotten where he is right now without carefully planning and contemplating the future, or without learning from his past?
I beleive what he really wants to point out is the harmony that nature possesses. In nature, good and bad, happiness and unhappiness, right or wrong exists in perfect harmony that they blance each other out. So much so that we don't see the extreme ends. I'd also ask him if he ever truely desired to love something or someone? Desire can also be positive or negative. Desiring positivity and thinking about a world where it exists is not unhealthy; it can't be. It is the best thing that can ever happen to a human being. This is what hope is made of. Positive thinking. Can other animals hope for a better future?

Belief in complete and utter insignificant of the self and that helps a lot for example like if you thought you were the centre of the universe than you'll have to bend the entire universe to your will because if you were the centre of the universe and how could it not conform to your desires and if doesn't then there is something wrong. However, if you view your self as insignificant then you have no expectation of how life should actually be like because it's just the way it is and then you sort of except that and you have no cause to be happy or unhappy and then what you're left with is just your existence and curiosity.

YES! but he is the one trying to impose his world views on others :) haha just saying... aren't we all are?

On foundational values

As a set of things that you will not compromise upon. For example, honesty is a core value. I want to be able to be just me. I never want to be in an environment around people where I have to watch what I have to say because if I disconnect what I am thinking from what I am saying that creates multiple threads in my mind that means I am no longing in the moment that means that now I have to do future planning or past regretting every time I am taking to somebody. Anyone around I can't be fully honest with I don't want to around.

Yes and no, hesitation can have postive and negative effects. If your friend who is a natural extrovert and says what he feels, he is surely having fun at parties, but is he having fun at work where you are suppose to be analytical, self conscious and even self deprecating at times? Is he happy being around people where you have to think before you speak? Being less hesitent (which is what Naval means by 100% honesty) is great but not for all the time, specially for young people who are yet to prove their metal to the world.

I don't believe in short term thinking or dealing. I only believe in pure relations and not in hierarchical relationships. I don't believe in anger anymore. I don't want to be angry and I don't want to be around angry people.

I think everybody has values and lot of it of finding great relationships and great coworkers and great lovers is by finding people who's values just line up and then little things don't matter, generally I find that people are fighting or corralling is when their values don't line up, because if the values line up little things wouldn't matter.

Having a family and a child changes you and your values and your outlook to life.

Micro economics and game theory are fundamental. You can't be successful in business or even navigating through most our modern capitalist society without an extremely good understanding of supply and demand and labour vs capital and game theory and tit for tat and those kind of things. Evaluation. Charlie Mengion. Benjamin Franklin.

Education system

Internet which is the greatest web of knowledge ever created completely interconnected it's very very easy to learn. If you actually have a desire to learn you could learn anything on the internet.

The most smartest and most successful people I know started of as losers. If you view yourself as a loser as someone who cast out by society and has no role in normal society then you do your own thing and you're much more likely to find your own winning path. Be yourself.

Setting up systems and not goals

Use your judgement to figure out what kind of environments you can thrive in and then build a system to create an environment around you so you're statistically more likely to succeed, I am not gonna be the most successful person on the planet nor that I want to be, but I can be the most successful version of myself while working the least hard possible.

Can I do something interesting and new. Can I create something brand new that the world has never seen that it gets value of out of that it uses that its congruous with my moral so I never have problem sleeping at night and I never to worry about selling something that I wouldn't buy.

Each person is uniquely qualified at something they have some specific knowledge capability and desire that nobody else does. That is just purely from the combinatorics of human DNA and development. So your goal in life is to find out the people who needs you the most to find out the business that needs you the most and find out the project because there is something out there that's just for you.

Negotiations with high integrity people are generally very easy. They'll give you things to make sure the other person is happy enough so the deal survives, because unhappy people become unreliable and then you have short term relationships which don't have any compounding benefits.

If someone spends talking about their own values and talking about how honest they are, they're covering for something. They are hiding something. There is a book called The art of manipulation. How conman works. They will talk about how honest they are. They will push a little bit too hard.

We all know who we are and we can't hide from out selfs, and if you too many of short coming you won't be able to live yourself. Never do something that you're not proud of.

Best founders have deep understanding of the space they are getting into, they have long term vision and they can execute.

Great people have great outcomes. They just needs to time.

Derek Sivers approach that if you're not saying hell yes right now than you may aswell just say no.